Caregiver Transformational Movement Lessons

TransformationalIn order to best support your child’s development, Your Confident Kid includes Transformational Movement Lessons (TML’s) especially for parents and caregivers.

These lessons provide you with first hand experience in Neuromovement and the 9 Essentials and is invaluable in helping you recognize your child’s process and increasing abilities.

Typically these slow, gentle movement lessons take place on a mat on the floor. A padded table is available for those for whom getting on the floor isn’t an option. Lessons occasionally take place on chairs or standing.

These lessons are highly recommended for parents caregivers and your child’s community-including grandparents, nannies, au pairs, babysitters and anyone who spends regular or extensive time with your child.

We can work with one or more caregivers through individual or group lessons.

Special presentations on the Anat Baniel Method for Kids can be arranged for teachers and administrators of your child’s school or preschool.

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