Empowering children and families

IMG_7115Working together with caregivers and educators, Rosalie will create an environment that enables your child to make the subtle improvements that lead to large breakthroughs that, in time, become lasting changes.

Amazing changes often occur in their confidence, perception, interactions with others, ability to transition from one activity to the next, and the efficiency and ease of their thinking and movement. Kids who are athletes, musicians and high performing students also find greater comfort and improved outcomes from receiving ABM lessons.

Your Confident Kid provides:

  • A consultation to explore how to best meet your child’s and family’s needs.
  • Individual Functional Synthesis Lessons for your child.
  • Support for practical implementation of the 9 Essentials.
  • Movement Lessons for Caregivers.
  • Complimentary copy of Kids Beyond Limits by Anat Baniel.

Initial Parent Consultation

Parent/Guardians will share your perceptions, concerns and considerations about their child and family, receive a brief introduction to the 9 Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method and participate in an introductory Transformational Movement Lesson.

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Children’s Lessons

An individual lesson for a child begins the moment he or she enters the room.

The practitioner engages primarily with the child and interacts with him uninterrupted, handling any issues that might arise.

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Transformational Movement Lessons

These Lessons are highly recommended for Parents and your child’s “family”, including grandparents, nannies, au pairs, babysitters, anyone who spends regular or extensive time with your child.

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