Case Study

Natalie and Gregory were born at 27 1/2 weeks term. They spent months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit undergoing medical interventions to save their lives.

I spoke with Natalie’s and Gregory’s mother about the Anat Baniel Method for Children and became the most active member of a team of Anat Baniel Method Practitioners created to give lessons to the babies. Each tiny baby was given a brief lesson once or twice daily.

When they were older and able to travel, the twins were given Anat Baniel Method lessons by additional ABM Practitioners, including Anat Baniel. A year later, when their Mom went to a reunion hosted by the NICU she saw a significant difference between the abilities and vigor of Natalie and Gregory and the other children who had had similar early birth experiences. Now 4 years old, the twins are enjoying preschool.


This is a very different outcome from the one that could have sprung from Gregory’s inability, as an infant, to move his spine. He was clearly frustrated and had a tendency to focus on his hands, intensely manipulating toys hung above him. I encouraged his parents and caregiver to play with him more outside.

The outcome that may have resulted from Gregory’s original limitations is unknown. Other children with similar early limitations have not learned to walk or have limited ability to interact with their world.

Having benefited from his parent’s knowledge of, and commitment to, providing him Anat Baniel Method lessons, he is active and bright. He vigorously and joyfully participates in gymnastics and recently decided to ride a bike with training wheels to a restaurant, a 3 mile ride!


Natalie had movement limitations that were less pronounced than Gregory’s. As a tiny baby she had a spontaneous, luminous smile. At a few months old her smile became less frequent. She was increasingly unhappy and sometimes angry. Rather than assume she was a willful, difficult child, her parents recognized her frustration and discomfort and resumed lessons with me and other ABM Practitioners. And now her sunny smile has returned. She is in the process of further refining her walking and running and is an active, playful preschooler who enjoys dance and gymnastics.