“Rosalie really ‘saw’ our daughter and her brilliance.”

We took our 13 year old daughter, Jewel, who has cerebral palsy,  to Rosalie for ABM lessons.  Rosalie showed our daughter respect.  She asked permission from Jewel, empowering my daughter and creating a safe place for learning.  Jewel chose to ‘settle down’ during the lesson, enabling her mind to learn more clearly.  Rosalie really ‘saw’ our daughter and her brilliance.

As a result of her lessons, Jewel was able to cough and clear her lungs  much more effectively.  Jewel lifted her right leg to place it on the foot stool, using  motor control she had never had before.  Jewel felt so much calmer and was able to bring that state home with her.  Jewel’s appetite was huge after every lesson and she was able to settle down to go to bed which is so important and welcomed.

 Jewel is aware of the learning that took place for all of us and this awareness continues to change us.  

Rosalie taught us about slow connected touch in a more profound and practical way during holding and dressing.  Even though we have left California, we are still learning about slow touch and movements, waiting and looking for the easier path for Jewel.  The lessons were very powerful in showing us such a true measure of the 9 Essentials. We have our learning switches on and hope to receive more lessons in 2 months, when we return to California. -Gary and Ivana Gadient