About Your Confident Kid

Your Confident Kid is designed to help Children with Special Needs and their families expand their world.

Rosalie Lamb, founder of Your Confident Kid, is passionate about sharing with parents and care givers elements of learning they can use to support their child in developing communication, movement and cognitive abilities.

Your Confident Kid uses the Anat Baniel Method, a gentle science-based approach, to build stronger neural connections that help children move to their next stage.

We offer parents and children dynamic, effective movement lessons and a specific, individualized plan that parents can use to further support the development of their child.

Our studio is centrally located in the Bay Area on the Berkeley/Oakland border close to public transportation and convenient to major freeways.

Your Confident Kid Offers

Anat Baniel Method For Kids

Children naturally take advantage of opportunities for growth when offered in a safe, information rich environment.

Through attuned touch, I sense what movement will be easy for a child. I carefully guide them within their current range of movement drawing from my knowledge about human structural function.

Through slow, gentle, high quality movement, the child’s brain can receive clear information about the way in which they are moving at this point in time. The child’s brain uses this information to expand their ability to move comfortably.

Both the child’s brain and movement become better organized. Often improved movement is accompanied by surprising and welcome refinement such as becoming more skillful in social situations, feeling calmer, transitioning more easily, becoming better learners at school or improving language skills.



Anat Baniel Method For Parents and Caregivers

Parents and adults who participate in the Your Confident Kid Program along with their children find themselves being more engaged with their child’s progress.

Through participating in the Transformational Movement Lessons, you encounter your own limitations and experience the nonlinear process of discovering new abilities of your own. As you better understand how your brain’s learning is connected to movement, you gain a better understanding of your child’s challenges and a greater ability to help them.

Through Your Confident Kid’s Program parents and caregivers are empowered by their understanding of the Principles of the Anat Baniel Method. Caregivers gain a deeper appreciation for their child’s possibilities and a greater enthusiasm for their progress. Caring for a child with special needs, or any child, becomes more gratifying as your ability to see and support significant changes grows.



*The names of all clients on this website have been changed to protect their privacy